I am a wildlife and nature photographer who works freelance. My work has been picked up by several places that include, Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas pain conference 2011, the best of photography 2011, the backpackers magazine, Art Adventure Gallery to name a few.

I am a photographer first, business second. My photography has helped sale livestock (including horse, mules,cattle etc), to vintage old vehicles. Though my passion and love is wildlife, nature issues I dive into photographing historical places, which I have been contacted by movie people, museums etc.. for my photography and information of places for such things for accuracy of sets. One consisted of Unsolved Mysteries DB Cooper segment which I followed the rules of no flash. Americana is another passion of mine, and have been to some interesting remote places here in Oregon to photograph the history of my state. I work hand in hand with owners of large ranches/farms to get some nice photographs. I have met some very colorful people with and without names in the public and am very good with them. I am a down to earth type person. I am found all over the web when not out and about doing my thing and am also currently working with a travel agency. I love my state and depending on your needs of photography, we can talk. mrsroadrunner.com is a affiliate of MCDANNELLS Thank you for coming by!


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