Assassin Fly Robber Fly


Assassin Fly Robber Fly


Meet the Robber Fly or Assassin Fly. This one was following me around in a part of the High Desert we were at. Guy and the dogs of course did not see it, so when Guy asked what I was doing I told him what I found.

This rather large insect seamed to give off that dont mess with me attitude. I really do not know how to explain it. This insect had nothing to worry about I had no intentions of picking it up.

Assassin Fly Robber Fly


We do have such things as insects follow us about for we kick up things to eat. Of course you also kick up things to eat when you are out and about as well! Why you will have such things as birds of prey up in the sky checking you out. Same philosophy. Wildlife has learned to follow us about as a hunting technique.

This Robber Fly really did not seam to care that I was hovering over it with my camera. It did seam to keep a eye on me typically moving to face me. Hence this photograph I got before it positioned itself to see what I was doing. I actually walked away from this insect due to thinking it had enough of my invasion.

Thank you for coming by and checking out my write up and my photographs!


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