Why do I watermark my photography

I get asked this more times!! So here you go, this is why I watermark my photography.

As we well know, photographers are not much thought of. Sure our images get used, passed around , “liked”, etc. Lets be honest, you do not know that photographer on that movie you just watched! You dint know that movies have still photographers?? Well, you just learned something!

Still photographers , or still meaning what I do! At one time many of us had issues with photography due to the dark room. Chemicals, not have proper ventilation etc.. Some folks just took their film to a developer. Which did not give a photographer the control of their own work as the digital age has now done.

The digital age has also created a platform for , well people to just take your images. I was asked one time how do I expect to sale my photography when people can just take them? This person had a point.

Authors of books put “teasers”, out. However, how on earth is a photographer supposed to put one of these “teasers”, out??

Watermarking is to photography as a teaser is to a book author.  When you buy a book you just do not buy the teaser right? You buy the whole book, same with photography. You do not buy the watermarked photograph……

I found I learn best by doing.

Mrsroadrunner Photography: Why do I watermark my photography? &emdash; Canary


This is my singing canary bird which I have sold several of. Without the watermark of course!!

You maybe reading this from a computer?? Keyboard?? If so look for the PRTSC/SYSRQ button, next to the F12 on my keyboard. This bypasses the function in the website so folks can not “SAVE AS”.

Make sure my photograph above is on your monitor (your screen), press that button.

Go open your favorite photo manipulation software. Find PASTE.  If it did not work do it again, hit the PRTSC/SYSRQ button, go find PASTE. I do the CTRL C – CTRL P myself.

Ok, now you should have the whole page , including the photograph in your manipulation software.  You will want to put a CROP box around the photograph, hit CROP. There you have the photograph, just save it to your own computer….. The advanced software you can do all kinds of things with this image you want. If the image/photograph is not watermarked you can pretty much do anything with this image/photograph you want. Illegal? You betcha it is! So is walking across a road outside the lines, or going 5 miles over the speed limit. It is illegal , however people do it.

Some websites have watermarks built into them. The ones that do not know this stuff, heck all images / photography is open to being taken on the internet….. All one has to do is go into the source files. Walla!! One bypasses the watermark feature. Of course pointing out these websites is rather cutting my own throat so keeping my mouth shut on which ones you can do this with. Go ahead try it in mrsroadrunner.com ha!! My host knows about this stuff! I checked haha.

Most of these social sharing sites, they have nothing to protect your photograph. I hear folks saying a lot they will sue someone if they steal this or that….. Oh common who are you kidding!? Unless the person is making a good amount of money off your photograph….. Is the legal fees really worth it??  Are you that wealthy ??

Processing places make one sign a form stating you are the owner of this image and have a right to develop such image. SO many people LIE on these forms!! All they have to do is upload YOUR photograph, wham get it developed. Personal printers, sure they have a number imbedded into them, however who is going to go to the trouble of hunting down that printer, with that number?? Heck even photographers who print out their own photographs, and there are a few, the number is on that photograph that you just paid for… I am rambling.

In the photography community lately a lady went into a restaurant where her photographs were blown up and hanging on the restaurants walls. Was the restaurant making money off her photographs? NO, however this is still dirty!  Does the business give away their food??

Another example of theft is a photograph was sold on MANY units of shirts, in a major clothing store. This was SO WORTH the photographer getting his/her money out of these thieves! If we think about it, this major clothing store by the time they got the image , photograph whomever took it was so long ago lost in the endless sharing that goes on here on the computer, they may not have even known it was stolen? I hear they still had to pay some good money out, plus the bad publicity…

What I am trying to say is, if you do not plan on selling your photography – don’t worry about if someone takes it, puts your photograph on thousands if not more units of a item and makes some serious cash off you and your work. Do not watermark your photographs , why should I care?

Which makes me think of another issue I have shown someone who got all pissy with me . Place your watermark down low in a corner. Place it somewhere , where it will not interfere with the main portion of the photograph.


Mrsroadrunner Photography: Why do I watermark my photography? &emdash; watermark post example

Ok, this is watermarked in a spot that does not take away from the subject. It is low, out of the way. Do the trick I told you about above…… got it in your software?

Crop that sucker off!!

Mrsroadrunner Photography: Why do I watermark my photography? &emdash; watermark post example2


Sure to get these photographs developed will take a little more knowledge of your software, however NEVER think people out there are stupid!!  Heck my kids have been on the computer one all his life, the other two since they were three yrs old??

The way I see it, and MANY other people see things is, why should you go to work and expect to get paid however expect other folks to do things for free? We need to eat too! We have bills to pay etc..

I hope this has made you think . Just keep in mind, if you do not protect yourself…. don’t expect the government, or someone else to protect you. Get active and protect yourself!


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