Sunrise Deep In The Ochoco Mountains


Friday I was not around for Guy announced Thursday night we are heading out in the morning and to make sure battery is charging and my camera bag is ready to go!!


The truck, the dogs everything was ready to go as I was still wiping sleep out of my eyes early Friday morning!

We stopped and got gas and munchies in dark of Madras Oregon, and I got my quad white mocha in Prineville Oregon where the people are so nice!  Now we are ready to hit the mountains haha!

The sunrise has been just spectacular lately in the high desert! We wanted to be deep up in the Ochoco Mountains by the time sun came up.


We made it! Oh my was it COLD!! I got these shots , but I just had to get back in the truck and the heat!

The truck thermometer stuck at 20 degrees for the next gosh , couple of hours! The truck did not like the cold either…..

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2 thoughts on “Sunrise Deep In The Ochoco Mountains

    • Thank you Pal Guy! This is to the east and sunrise :0) Usually sunrises consist of the Ochoco Mountains, however on this day we were deep in the Ochoco Mountains.
      We have fascinating sunsets over the Cascade Mountains.

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